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          Fenghua City Electrical Motor Factory was (Ningbo Fenghua Hongma Motor Co., Ltd.) established in 1988 the Fenghua City Motor Factory (Ningbo / Shanghai Hongma Motor Co. Ltd.) is a 100% Chinese electric-motors manufactory focused to supply electromotor and mechanical engineering products. In these two decades years, our factory has been dedicated to researching, developing, manufacturing and selling on all kinds of motors, generators, and etc.. The aim of factory is to provide a high level of customer service by offering quality products that meet our customer's specifications, at a competitive price. The combination of experience, advanced application engineering skills, state of the art computer aided design and production equipment has enabled Hongma to develop innovative quality solutions for a multitude of commercial and machinery industrial applications, our manufactory sells the majority of machinery on six continents, with dealers and OEMs in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. Based in Fenghua and with branches in Ningbo and Shanghai, we are positioned to meet needs of our customers not only in China but also the whole worldwide people.

Our product range is made up of:
1. HMM(Y/Y2/Y3) series (frame size H63-355) small and medium-sized three-phase AC asynchronous motors;
HMA / HMI Series (frame size H56-355) can take off the legs at the end of that material and iron small and medium-sized shell three-phase AC asynchronous motors;
2.Y (Y2) D Series Pole-changing multi-speed three-phase AC induction motor;
3. YCT Electro-Magnetic Speed-Regulation AC induction motor;
4. Y (Y2) VP Frequency-Variable & Speed-Regulation Series
5. Y (Y2) EJ series of electromagnetic brake motors;
6. Y(Y2)VPEJ Frequency-Variable & Electro-Magnetic Brake Series,
7. Y(Y2)H Boat-Use Series,
8. AO2 (YS), BO2 (YU), CO2 (YC), DO2 (YY), JW, JZ , JY, JX Series single-Phase & three-phase AC asynchronous motors;
9. YDEJ & LYMS Duo-Speed electromagnetic brake motors
10. YL series Single-Phase Dyadic Capacitance induction motors,
11. NEMA Series Stainless Steel Motors;
12. NEMA Series High Efficiency Motors;
13. GOST Standard Series AC asynchronous motors;
14. IE2(EFF1) 3 Phase AC asynchronous motors;
15.By clients’ requirements we also provide a derivative series of special specifications for single& three phase AC induction motors.

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